You won't see moments like this every day. A Midwest wildlife sanctuary has shared video of a white tiger who is a new mom with 5 of her cubs.

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Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary is located in West Bend, Wisconsin. Their white tiger Ginger has been working overtime taking care of her new children (cubs). Here's their most recent update and video just shared on Facebook.

According to World Wildlife Federation, having this many tiger cubs at one time is rare. 2 to 4 cubs for 1 tiger mom is normal according to their stats. For Ginger the white tiger to have 5 and for all of them to be healthy is amazing and not common at all.  WWF says that in the wild nearly 50% of cubs will die in the first year or two.

If you're up for a road trip, Shalom Wildlife Zoo is open for visitors. As a matter of fact, you'll see a young tiger on their official website staring right back at you. West Bend, Wisconsin is just north of Milwaukee which means it's only about a 6 hour drive from the Quincy/Hannibal area. Weekend tiger options maybe?

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