If you need proof that even turtles need a way to cool off in this hot weather, I've found it. A family in the Midwest just shared video of 5 tortoises enjoying their sprinkler. A lot.

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According to the video description, this happened in Athens, Michigan. The family saw the turtles hanging out near the kiddie pool in the backyard and decided to hydrate them. The turtles did not complain one little bit.

I thought that this "turtles playing in sprinklers" was a one-time event. Nope. Our very slow friends with shells have done it before.

By the way, the Nashville Zoo says I'm wrong about the turtle statement. Tortoises and turtles aren't the same thing (they say). Tortoises have more rounded shells than turtles so I stand corrected. I should have stated that tortoises were found playing in a Midwest family's sprinkler...because that's so different. (*face palm*)

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