Turtle-Gate continues.

Last week I brought you the story about the missing N.I.U. Research Blandings Turtle in DeKalb. Well now, a reward is being offered to any one who finds him.

According to this WREX news article, an attorney in DeKalb is offering a reward of $250 to the return of the male Blanding's turtle that scientists with Northern Illinois University have been tracking for about two years.

Not only will the attorney, Riley Oncken, offer the reward to anyone who finds and returns the turtle. He also pledged another $250 to anyone who finds a female for the turtle so it will stop searching for one.

It is believe that is why he wandered off the forest preserve as he was in search of a mate.

For anyone who finds the turtle of catches site of it they are to call the DeKalb County Forest Preserve at 815-895-7191.