One of the most fascinating things to me about food trucks is their ability to automatically derail our food cravings. I can be driving home from work thinking about having pasta for dinner, and then I see a taco truck drive by me and suddenly I am ravenous for Mexican food. Am I the only one this happens to?!?

Rockford is blessed to have an abundance of food trucks to choose from, and it seems like announcements for more are popping up every couple weeks, just like this one from Meg's Daily Grind...


Although I love Meg's announcement, it has left me with so many questions. Will it just be coffee? Can I get their "fancy" drinks from the truck too? Will they serve any food or snacks along with their coffee? WHEN WILL IT HIT THE ROAD?!?

Please answer these questions soon, Meg's Daily Grind. I am entirely too impatient to wait....oh, and congratulations!

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