Talk about bringing home the bacon.

Piggy Baby Jane was only 8 weeks old when she was first brought home by her owners Patrick Cunningham and Stan Coffman, of Mundelein. They brought her home from a Virginia rescue many years ago, and now Baby Jane is a Guinness World Record holder.

For what you might ask? Well, Patrick and Stan got Baby Jane a LONG time ago. Over 23 years ago to be exact. Baby Jane just got dubbed the world's oldest pig by Guinness World Records. This was after Baby Jane's age was verified at an established 23 years, 77 days.

Baby Jane truly lives her best life with her family. According to UPI -

Baby Jane lives inside the house with the couple; their sons Justin, 12, and Marchese, 11; and another pot-bellied pig named Lucy.


Baby Jane only goes outside for family playtime and bathroom breaks. Then she spends the rest of her time indoors like the true queen she is. She's such a queen she even gets to snuggle up right in bed with her family. Although she has been deemed quite the bed "hog".

So let's meet Baby Jane!

Spoiler alert - she's adorable. And a total queen.

HOW AMAZING IS SHE? I'm obsessed. Baby Jane's owners said -

It's awesome to tell people we have the world's oldest pig. We're just thankful for every day we have with her. Every day we get to have her and show her we love her and take care of her is so special to us.

Congrats Baby Jane!


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