There's a popular phrase "You are what you eat." In this case of a contaminated chicken nugget, you would call them 'money bags' if they ingested it.

Gross Things Found in Fast Food

There have been many documented cases of disgusting and dangerous items showing up in fast food around the country, from the 9mm bullet a woman bit into while consuming a Costco hot dog to the used bandage found on a Pizza Hut pizza. 

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Midwestern McNuggets Have Hidden Treasure

A woman turned in her chicken McNuggets to police claiming they were filled with pennies, according to Newsweek.

The Mcdonald's fast-food joint in Wintersville, Ohio reportedly sold the nuggets to the daughter of Beth Rupert-Warren who said when she bit into the chicken, "she found copper coins lodged inside."

According to the Columbus Dispatch, a report to Wintersville Police said there were 3 pennies found inside the McDonald's McNuggets.

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