Remember the movie series "Back To The Future" with the flying skateboard? When Marty McFly went to the future, he used a flying hoverboard for a fast getaway. The fictional year in movie was 2015. We don't have to wait that long. It's a realty.
Remember the scene from “Back to the Future II” where Marty McFly escapes a pack of bullies on a hoverboard?

What looked like a cool movie prop in 1989 is now a reality, thanks to a small California company, Arx Pax. But there’s a catch: it only hovers over certain surfaces because it uses magnets.

Getty Images
Getty Images

According to WQAD 8 Quad Cities, developers Greg and Jill Henderson call their project the Hendo Hover.

The 'Hendo' will float about an inch from the ground surface. That seems high enough for me.

The internet was the first to break the news. The first 10 people with $10,000 were able to reserve one from the designers. There are already sold out. Looks like I wil lhave to save my money for the next shipment.

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