McDonald's has been shaking things up lately to beat their competition in the fast food wars.

They decided to change up their Value Menu and add a new and unusual item to purchase.

Are you ready for this?

McDonald's is adding Mozzarella Sticks to the Value Menu.

Yep, those deep fried ooey gooey battered cheese sticks can be yours for just a buck, according to Great Ideas.

Now this slightly unusual item to us mid-westerners isn't a big deal to New Yorkers, the cheese sticks have been available in their markets for some time while the rest of the country was deprived this delicacy.

The good news is, if you love Mozzarella Stick you will be able to nosh on those while washing them down with a giant dollar coke. The bad news is they won't be available until 2016. Well that's just seven weeks away.

Would you eat mozzarella sticks from McDonald's?