The great McDonald's Coke debate has gone on for years. The debate isn't over the great taste or its cure of a hangover, those are both facts. The conversation centers around the taste of the pop (or soda - depending on where you're from). Now, the facts have finally been revealed. There is no longer a need to debate how McDonald's changes the flavor of their Coke. revealed why a McDonald's Coke tastes better and how it flavor is unique. In short, here's what up with up with the golden arch's pop.

  • The syrup ratio allows for ice to not water down the Coke flavor.
  • More importantly, the syrup is stored in a steel tank and not in a plastic bag (like most restaurants.)
  • The Coke syrup at McDonald's is always chilled from production to the moment it goes into your cup.
  • The fountain pop's refrigeration and filtration systems are top-notch.
  • McDonald's says their straws are wider to allow for better taste.

I'm not sure how the straw can change the taste other than allowing more consumption than a standard straw. Regardless, I really want a large Coke from McDonald's right now.

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