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It looks like even mega-businesses like McDonald's won't go unscathed but problems related to the pandemic. The fast-food giant is making difficult decisions too.

McDonald's didn't take too hard of a hit back in April, according to WQAD. But the hit is just enough to decide to permanently close 200 restaurants nationwide. In the big picture of things, there's a McDonald's on every corner, usually across from a Walgreens or CVS. These locations won't affect Rockford because those locations are already long gone.

I'm talking about the McDonald's that was inside Walmart in Rockford. Do you remember it?

Keith K. via Foursquare
Keith K. via Foursquare

Coincidentally, the spot was turned into a Burger King and also no longer exists.

McDonald's announced Tuesday it plans to permanently close 200 U.S. restaurants this year, about half of which are "low-volume" locations inside Walmart stores.

These closures might make you wonder what's next for the fast-food industry. Also, what about buffets? Will those ever bounce back after the pandemic?

McDonald's has begun to reopen some of their dining rooms but that is now on hold because of COVID-19 cases rising. But, when they do reopen, masks will be required inside except when eating.


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