It's been a crazy year when it comes to our favorite foods. It seems like every other day another company steps forward to tell us their food could be making us sick. There has definitely been a lot of food recalls this year. And it's not over yet. With one of the biggest holiday meals of the season coming up we figured we would give you a list of what not to eat according to

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One of the latest food recalls is from Jimmy Dean, Parent company CTI Foods is recalling over 29,000 pounds of ready-to-eat Poultry and pork sausage links after a US food safety inspection report found small pieces of metal in the sausage. The package code for these is A6382168. There is also an EST. 19085 stamp on the back of the package.

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Another food recall is from Del Monte on their Fiesta corn seasoned with red and green peppers. They are stating its under processed and could contain organisms and pathogens that could lead to a life-threatening illness. The affected corn was sold in 15oz cans with the UPC number 24000 02770.

More cases of beef have been recalled by company JBS Tolleson for Salmonella concerns which bring the totals up to over 12 million pounds of Beef. Look for the EST. 267. mark on the packaging. If you have that mark you'll want to go ahead and throw it out. Over 300 people have become ill because of it.

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Romaine lettuce has been all over the news lately, It seems they have found the strain of E Coli and have traced it back to a reservoir on a farm in Santa Barbara County in California. The CDC still says to avoid any Romaine lettuce grown in Monterey, Santa Barbara, and San Benito counties.

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As if that wasn't enough, The company "Inspired Organics" has recalled Their line of organic sunflower butter due to a listeria scare. The product in question is the 16oz package with a best by date of October 2019. The UPC codes for this product are 863669742526. One more recall to go. Finally, The company Achdut has recalled its Tahini for you guessed it, another Salmonella risk. The affected container sizes are 15oz, 16oz, 17.6oz and 635oz.

Whatever it is you decide to chow down on for your holiday dinner just make sure that none of these are on your list and you should be fine.