Maren Morris decided to open up to her fans via social media, and boy, did we learn some things! Among the information she spilled via Twitter on Thursday (Aug. 9) were shockers about a near-miss with authorities overseas and her plans to have a child soon.

Morris was on a long plane flight when she decided to pass the time by throwing her Twitter feed open to an impromptu question and answer session with her online followers. She got plenty of questions about her music, with many fans particularly curious about the direction of her second album, but some of her most interesting answers had nothing to do with her career.

The singer-songwriter didn't hold back when one fan asked whether she planned to have kids someday. "I literally have it blocked out on my calendar next year," she replied with a laughing emoji. Morris married singer-songwriter Ryan Hurd in March, and this marks the first time she's said anything about having a family.

Morris also revealed that London is her favorite place on Earth, that her wedding day was her favorite day of her life, and that she would love to play Elphaba in Wicked on Broadway. She was equal parts practical and humorous when a fan asked the best advice she had ever gotten, writing, "Wear underwear at all times."

Morris' second album will have two collaborations on it, she says, and one of the new tracks, "Gold Love," was the hardest one to write and complete. The first single from the project is due in a "couple months."

Asked to name her favorite country she's visited, Morris says: "I loved France. Except I almost got arrested." That set off a chain of fan replies asking her to share that story, but she did not elaborate.

After answering a wide range of questions, Morris brought the unexpected Q&A to a close by writing, "Alright, y’all. Spilled some tea. Spilled some wine. Love you guys. I need to do this more often tbh," adding, "My label probably has constant conniptions when I tweet."

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