Just when we thought Jelly Belly's Bean Boozled game couldn't get any grosser, it does.

ABC7 shares that Jelly Belly has released their 5th edition of the candy tasting game this month and they decided to add a couple of really yucky flavors.

Get ready to try not to select the flavors of Dirty Dishwasher and Stink Bug.

Eww... See I told you nasty.

Dirty Dishwater looks a lot like the Birthday Cake bean and Stink Bug is very similar in color to toasted marshamllow.

Yikes... If my little pal Callie gets this game I don't want to be eating those nasty jelly beans. The dead fish flavor I ate last time I played with her was truly barf-worthy.

By the way, the "BeanBoozled 5th Edition is available now with the 3.5-oz. Spinner Gift Box and the 12.6-oz. JUMBO Gift Box."

However, if you'd like to get "1.6-oz. Flip-Top Box, 1.9-oz. Grab & Go Bag, 3.5-oz. Mystery Dispenser, 3.36-oz. Spinner Tin, and 7.1-oz. Party Pack" they won't be available till fall.



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