If you thought heading to Minnesota for Thanksgiving to indulge in a major shopping trip, you might want to delay you trip by a day. The Mall in America made a major decision they will be closed that day.

WGN reports that mall officials announced on Wednesday that the Mall will be closed on Thanksgiving day , but will reopen for Black Friday shopping at 5AM.

After remaining open for five years (since 2012) officials are proud to say "We’re pleased to give this day back to our 15,000 employees and their families."

They did add that if some of the 520 stores choose to open on Thanksgiving that "the mall will provide security to those stores."

Otherwise it will be closed for the day. As it should be, at least that's my opinion.

Is finding a deal on anything that important over family and friends? For me personally, I can honestly say "no it isn't".

Good for you Mall of America, I hope other malls and major retailers take notice and follow you.