I know what you're thinking when reading that title. Sugar free dessert, no way.

But wait this one is surprisingly light, fluffy and tasty.

A friend of mine was recently had a birthday and was diagnosed, at the same time I might add, with Diabetes. Super bummer news.

I wanted make them a birthday treat, but the recipe I originally was going to make had sugar and a lot of carbs. Bummer again.

However, I came across this tasty treat that is practically sugar free (save a wee bit in the graham crackers and possibly the lite whipped topping) and is really yummy almost like eating a whipped mousse.

When you make this, I think you will be greatly surprised at it's yumminess. Plus, this is super easy to make.

Sugar Free Dessert


16 to 20 graham crackers, crushed
8 tbsp. melted butter
8 oz. light cream cheese/ neufchatel
2 pkg. artificial sweetener (I used Stevia)
1 large pkg. Jell-O instant sugar-free chocolate pudding
Lite Cool Whip
3 c. low-fat milk
Mix cracker crumbs with butter and spread in 8 x 10 pan.
Soften cream cheese, whip in sweetener, then spread on crumbs.
Beat chocolate pudding into milk until thick and spread on cream cheese layer. Chill, then top with topping.

Side notes:

- The next time I make this I will whip in some of the lite cool whip with the cream cheese mix.

-  Also, between each layer I let if chill in fridge for about 10 to 15 minutes. just to make sure everything was set and didn't peel up when spreading on the next layer.

Susan Tyler; Townsquaremedia

**The toothpicks are in the dessert to keep the aluminum foil from falling in and sticking to the top layer.