I wanted to share with you the tasty drink we (my niece, nephew, and I) made for our Independence Day family dinner. It's a fun patriotic red, white and blue drink.It's pretty simple to make, you just need a little patience to pour slowly over the ice when layering the drinks.

For this red, white and blue drink this is what we used.

Crushed iced for each glass.

Then we poured in a 1/3 of liquid for each color in the glass.

We used Hawiian Punch for the bottom, Coconut Breeze soda for the middle, and Blue Power Ade for the top.

Always place the red (punch or juice) at the bottom as it has the highest in sugar. Then as the ice rises slowly pour in the white soda (we used Coconut Breeze or Sprite), then as the ice rises pour in the blue.

Make sure to pour slowly and directly on the ice or the colors will instantly blend and you'll loose your layered effect.

We had a couple of mistrials, but the picture features the final results. We improvised with our own flavors.

However, if you'd like to try the original here is the recipe for the Layered 4th of July Drinks.