Major League Baseball put together an awesome idea of having teams play a regular season game on the actual field they used to film Field Of Dreams in Iowa.

The game was originally going to be played last year between the White Sox and the Cardinals then COVID happened. It was pushed back to last August during the shortened 60-game season, and then was postponed again. Now the Cardinals have been dropped from the game for some reason and replace with the Yankees and will take place on August 12th.

It looks AWESOME. A one of a kind event.

There will only be seating for 8,000 fans so tickets to this game were already going to be hard to come by. They're even harder to come by now because Major League Baseball has closed the ticket lottery to anyone not living in the state of Iowa. Which is honestly a bunch of, pardon my language, horse crap.

I would understand limiting the lottery to Iowa residents if this was a Yankees-Red Sox game. Which, side bar, I'm surprised they aren't doing. Baseball and ESPN LOVE the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, even though their games are regularly 4+ hours long and no one outside of the eastern seaboard cares about it. But none the less, they are limiting entrance to the lottery to Iowa residents only. Which, in my humble opinion, is complete garbage, no offense to Iowans.

Obviously there is a work around. You just need to know someone in Iowa (a public thank you to my boss Becky that lives in Iowa for letting me use her address) and you can register for the lottery.

If you do live in Iowa or would like to just say you do and register for tickets, you can do so here. 

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