Madison Wisconsin jail inmates train dogs stuck in shelters for a good reason.


Jail inmates in nearby Madison train dogs stuck in shelters in hopes of helping them find permanent homes.

According to WTMJ in Milwaukee, "The Dane County Sheriff's Office calls its program "A New Leash on Life," and pairs an inmate at the jail's work-release center with dogs from packed shelters to help train and socialize the animals".


Justin Sullivan, Getty Images


Seems the program is working for all. The inmates have helped eight dogs get adopted since it started in February of last year. Another round of dogs in need of training have just been dropped off.

According to WTMJ, "The relationship with the dogs has a payoff for the inmates too, program supervisor Sgt. Lorie Wiessinger said. When one of their dogs gets adopted, it gives inmates a feeling of success and having helped someone, she said".

It's rewarding for the community as well. Congratulations Wisconsin on a "win-win" idea.