I absolutely love harvest time. The colors of fall and autumn decorations abound. A Stateline area man has come up with the ultimate in fall decor: Harvest Horseshoe Pumpkins!

When Jake Wacker of Hampshire is not putting in tons of hours at his fulltime job with his local township, he loves to tinker. Jake and his wife love horses and that was enough inspiration to create the Harvest Horseshoe Pumpkin.

Jake says:

She's had horses her whole life. And I like welding, so it's kinda the best of both worlds.

Jake recently made two versions of of the harvest horseshoe and posted pictures on his personal Facebook page, and now all his friends are asking for them.

You can't blame them, because they are so cool.

Jake says he used two coats of rustoleum for each decoration. Orange for the outer part of the pumpkin and hunter green for the stem. He says it probably took about and an hour to creater each one. The paint took awhile to dry.

Check out the photos below to see the process from start to finish.


I asked Jake if he plans to market and sell his Harvest Horseshoe Pumpkins. He says he has received a lot of requests from friends for his metallic harvest decoration. No word yet on if he plans to make more.