Pumpkin Crop Looking Good for Halloween and Thanksgiving?
Remember this time last year when we were all in a panic about the pumpkin shortage we kept hearing about? Well, there's no need to lose sleep over nightmares about no pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, because farmers are saying this year's crop is looking a-OK.
Free Pumpkin Carving Templates
Trick-or-treaters will be knocking on your door in less than a week, so the time is now to get your carve on! Check out these cool free carving templates to make your jack-o-lanterns the coolest on the block this Halloween.
Tips for Choosing and Preserving the Perfect Pumpkin
If you haven't got your pumpkins yet, you might want to do so ASAP in order to have a selection of great ones to choose from. Here's some tips to follow for choosing and maintaining your perfectly carved pumpkin masterpiece until Halloween.

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