There are some mysteries we're just not meant to understand. Why is the sky blue? What makes water wet? Oh, and why in the world did Microsoft just spend $76 million dollars to buy a Wisconsin pumpkin farm? It's a mystery.

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There are some facts we know about this new Microsoft purchase in Wisconsin. The Verge says they plan to build a multi-building data center that is part of a $1 billion dollar (man, that's a lot of zeroes) investment in that part of Wisconsin.

It's 407 acres total that includes the Land of the Giants Pumpkin Farm. Yes, a massive pumpkin farm. Does this mean the next version of Windows will look like a Jack-O-Lantern? Asking for a friend.

That's not all. This land is apparently right next to another more than 600 acre parcel of land that has a huge corn maze on it that Microsoft also bought. Wow.

The good news on the business from for this very nice part of Wisconsin is that Microsoft promises to hire at least 200 employees. More jobs is always good, right?

I could probably explore the conspiracy theories about how Bill Gates wants to take over the world, but I won't (today).

There's another way to look at this. While $76 billion dollars is a ton of money to normal people like us. For Microsoft, it's more like an impulse buy of getting a pack of gum in the checkout line at the grocery store. Drop in the old bucket.

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