After reporting declining sales in 2023, Macy's has announced some big changes ahead including closing stores and pivoting to a more 'luxurious" image.

Bad News for Macy's Shoppers

For over six years in my early 20s, I worked at Macy's in the CherryVale Mall. I started working there when it was still Marshall Field's, and I was there when Macy's took over. I was, (and still am), a little sad to see Marshall Field's go, but to this day I am still a Macy's fan.

Macy's at CherryVale Mall
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Right after the holidays were over I went into the CherryVale Mall Macy's to return some items I bought my kids online for Christmas, and I was shocked to see some of the changes in the store, primarily in the lower level.

Remember that whole lower level area that was dedicated to kitchen gadgets, dishes, etc.? It's completely gone and the entrance has been walled over.

Yes, Macy's still sells kitchen items, but the selection in store is FAR less than it used to be and I couldn't help but worry about the fate of this store in Rockford.

Turns out, there may be reasons to worry about the future of Macy's locations all over Illinois.

Macy's Reports Strong Quarterly Earnings
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Macy's To Close 150 Stores By 2026

According to CNN Business, Macy's will be doing some major downsizing over the next couple of years due to declining sales;

The company is closing 150 underperforming stores — 50 by the end of 2024 and the other 100 over the next few years. By 2026, it will have just 350 Macy’s stores.

Obviously the bad news is many Macy's stores throughout the nation will be closing, BUT the sorta good news is, they haven't announced which stores are on the chopping block...yet.

Macy's Plans to Open Smaller, Luxury Stores

Declining sales and cutting workforces is never a good thing, but Macy's does have a plan for keeping the company alive and vital; it will open more smaller, luxury stores.

ABC 7 in Chicago reports Macy's plans to open "15 of its higher-end Bloomingdale's stores and 30 of its luxury Bluemercury cosmetics locations".

Google Street View, Canva
Google Street View, Canva

Again, Macy's has made no comments about which 50 stores will be shuttered during the first round of closings in 2024, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see...and start shopping!

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