The holiday shopping season is underway and this means stores will increasingly get busier and busier. Along with the increase in small shops and big box stores, shopping centers and malls will also see an uptick in customers. People buying gifts aren't alone at the malls, staff will be working diligently and a few ghosts may be milling around too.

Yes, Halloween has come and gone but paranormal activities are often reported all year round. Based on reports throughout the year, the Christmas spirit may have a second meaning if the allegations are true. Is CherryVale Mall in Rockford, Illinois really haunted?

CherryVale Mall via Facebook
CherryVale Mall via Facebook

Although SEARS opened its doors for business on September 26, 1973, CherryVale Malls' official opening date is listed as October 1, 1973. SEARS, Marshal Fields, and twenty inline stores were part of the initial opening. The mall's history included a separate movie theater complex and a SEARS Automotive store.

CherryVale Mall has seen numerous updates throughout its nearly 50-year existence. Center court might have had the biggest change on the inside while JCPenney could arguably be the biggest change connected to the mall itself. Another notable change since the mall's opening is The District At Cherryvale, built on property near the mall.

Dan L Brock via Pinterest
Dan L Brock via Pinterest

With its long history, like many others, there are claims the property is haunted. This might come as somewhat of a surprise. It certainly did for me. In fact, List Verse included CherryVale Mall as one of the 10 most haunted malls in the world. Mental Floss added the mall to a similar list too.

"Don’t go to the bathroom alone."

Some of the paranormal activity reportedly took place inside CherryVale Mall including in one of the restrooms.

Some people have reported using the bathroom and having an “unknown force” hold the bathroom door shut.

Other reports allege workers would leave the mall with their stores clean and organized and return the next day to find things in disarray.

... clothing scattered or displays knocked over, even if the space was cleaned before being locked up.

"Somebody's Watching Me"

The song by Rockwell accurately sums up how many past employees felt when no one else was around.

Employees reported feeling watched or followed after the venue closed at night.

Is CherryVale Mall actually haunted? Maybe, who's to say it is or it isn't?

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