Some residents have called it dangerous, while some say it's a great way to slow down speeders. Machesney Park has unleashed a controversial new tactic to catch leadfoots.

Local social media has been buzzing about a photograph of what appears to be a motorist's vehicle stranded along the side of Rt. 173. The car has it's rear hatch open. However, upon closer inspection, an officer is sitting in the back pointing his radar gun in the direction of oncoming traffic.

The Sheriff Winnebago County Facebook page even shared the photo and said:

Have you seen this post that a passerby shared about one of the Machesney Park speed details today? It has almost 200 shares! With everyone that sees the post, we hope it reminds you to slow down!

What has a lot of people concerned is the fact that the vehicle is parked along the side of the road without its safety flashers on.

Some good Samaritans have even stopped to assist the "stranded motorist" on Wednesday, only to discover the occupants of the vehicle were Machesney Park speed enforcement patrols.

Needless to say, some people have gone as far as to say this tactic is entrapment, while others think stepped up speed enforcement is a good idea.

"To serve and protect"  or "To serve and collect"?

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