Did you see it? A rectangular UFO was reported just south of Rockford.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center website (NURC), a UFO sighting was reported just south of Rockford on Oct 24th.

The report indicated that:

the long, thin rectangular object crosses full moon, in what appears to be an orbit.

October 24, 2018. This morning on my way to work in IL going North on I-90, I was watching the moon. The sky had a few clouds and the moon was both bright and big.

South of Rockford, I saw a rectangular shape, like that of a ruler, start to cross the moon from the upper right side. If the moon was a clock, around 1-2 o’clock. It headed both down and across the moon, as if it were following an orbit.

The sighting lasted 5-10 seconds in total. Two days prior to this incident, another UFO was reported in Henry, IL. The October 22 report said that very large orb of light was observed making a quick downward zigzag motion before it disappeared. The object was described as "very light blue" in color. Henry, IL is just southwest of the LaSalle-Peru area.

On October 13th, a triangular shaped UFO was reported in the Addison area. This UFO was described as floating still in the sky and then zipped off towards Schaumburg.

In all, there were a total of four reported UFO sightings in October of 2018 in Illinois.


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