Whether you have a tin foil hat or not, You will not believe the amount of UFO sightings in Illinois this year.

I guess it's our turn to become a hot spot. Earlier this year the folks in the Pentagon released information about their UFO military program that handles investigations and the 22 million dollars spent on hunting them. They even released a video of the Military tracking a few of these unidentified flying objects. But it really seemed to fall on deaf ears because a few weeks afterward no one was talking about it. Does anyone remember the Battle of Los Angeles in 1942?

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You have to do some searching but there's some really creepy stuff on the internet about these things. According to nuforc.org, there have been 83 alleged UFO sightings in our state since August 6th of this year. The sightings range from just 9 seconds to upwards of 4 hours. From Springfield to Rockford and even Chicago these unidentified flying objects have been seen across our state this year.

One witness  in Addison on 10-13-18 stated " They were floating in the sky and then zipped off towards Schaumburg" Another witness in Rockford on 6/7/2018 Stated " I was on my way home from work, I saw 2 bright lights in the sky, I thought they were just planes, but they were flying really low. Then the bright lights went off and I saw 3 different colors, blue, red and white. They kept meeting and splitting up".

Your either a believer or not but with this many reports of UFO's this year across Illinois, it really makes you think... Are we really alone?