Luke Bryan's annual "12 Days of Pranksmas" is in full swing at the country singer's house, and no better is that exhibited than in the latest stunt on his mom perpetrated by his prank-loving wife, Caroline Bryan.

Luke's mom, the 73-year-old LeClaire Bryan, has been the subject of her son and daughter-in-law's practical jokes before. But probably none of the prior pranks have been as jolting as what Caroline pulled for Day 2 of Pranksmas 2020. Watch the Instagram video below to see LeClaire's rude awakening.

In the clip, captioned "Rise and Shine Motherclucker!," Caroline startles LeClaire awake with a recording of a rooster's crow. The septuagenarian, decked in festive red plaid pajamas, seems to think the sound is legit. She shuffles out of bed, mumbling and grumbling, before trying to go back to sleep.

Caroline is heard faintly snickering as the joke plays out. And we have to say, if this is only the second day of Pranksmas 2020, we shudder to think what's in store for the rest of the Bryan fam.

This year's first day of Pranksmas involved Luke persuading his wife she'd desecrated a Tim Tebow trophy. As Caroline said of that trick, "Luke convinced me that Tim Tebow's Heisman was trashed and it was pretty much my fault! I think my blood pressure went to an all time high!"

Undoubtedly, it's all in good fun at the Bryan household. Still, the pranks show no sign of letting up — and not just around Christmastime. Elsewhere in 2020, Caroline has donned a giant costume bear head, sprung on her husband from a kitchen cabinet and stuffed herself into a giant pink balloon.

But don't think LeClaire is letting her son and his wife get the best of her. After the singer pulled a Christmas 2019 joke on his mama, the matriarch put Luke on notice that she was joining the prank war full steam.

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