Well that was a crazy little late April snowstorm we had Sunday. Just when we thought winter was over, its hits us one more time. This morning, most of us woke up to tremendous thunder and lightning as well as rain. Well, all the snow may be over with as of now but it looks like we have a very wet week coming. According to Accuweather, it looks like you'll be needing your umbrella for most of this week. Rain will be the main course from today through Thursday.

On a good note, the lows for this week will be in the mid to lower 40's so at least it won't freeze again. The next day we might see a little sun is going to be on Friday but the forecast is calling for cloudy skies. I will say this, at this point I am happy to have rain instead of another snowstorm. It's gonna be a wet week, but these next few days will let us know how wet its gonna get.


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