Rockford has already lost 8,000 Ash trees to the nasty little beetle called the Emerald Ash Borer, and this year could be the worse one yet for losses. That is why the city is offering replacements for fallen Ash trees to Rockford residents.

Mark Stockman, Rockford Street Division Superintendent, recently told WREX that "trees that have lived in Rockford for decades are falling prey to the beetle and it is expensive to treat it." His department is also predicting that they will be removing more than 2,000 more trees this year in Rockford, even though the city is currently treating more than 850 for the disease with pesticide.

Trees are essential for clean air and for storm water removal in Rockford, so Stockman is encouraging residents to call the Rockford City Forestry Department at 779-348-7260 to request a replacement if they have recently lost an Ash tree. He does warn there are several regulations that need to be followed in regards to where they can replace trees, but his department will come out to inspect the site after a tree replacement request has been made. If the site meets all regulations, a free tree will be offered to the resident.