She's beautiful, caring, and strong; and she's always putting others ahead of herself.

She's had the same hair, the same clothes and worn out shoes for as long as you can remember; but it's because she spends all of her time and money on making sure her kids have the best that money can buy.

This woman is dedicated to her family, constantly puts her heart of the line and loves serving everyone around her, even more than herself; she's an angel among humans.

Who is this beautiful person? It's a mother, a sister, grandmother, teacher, a widow, a wife, your neighbor, an's any woman you know and love who deserves to be treated like a queen for an entire day.

Is this someone you know? If it is, then I want you to prepare something to share with local makeup artist Annetta Michelle. Annetta is extremely passionate about making the women in our community feel beautiful inside and out; to her, makeup isn't a mask, it's a way to "accentuate the features that God has given us."

And with her very own makeup and skills as a professional makeup artist, she wants to give complete makeovers to deserving women right here in Rockford.

Here's how to enter: In order to keep this in our community, Annetta will share all of the information on her social media page, Annetta Michelle Makeup and Beauty; there, she will accept private message nominations.

The message should include: a story about why your nominee deserves a day of pampering and a complete makeover, along with a photo.

She will then share the first 5 nominations, that include a photograph, on her page; the post that gets the most shares will be the winner.

The winner will get:

  • a makeup application
  • hair cut and style
  • drinks and hor d'oeuvres of her choice during her glam session
  • a beauty basket full of girly goodies, a lipduo shade of her choice and bronzer from Annetta's makeup line.
  • a new outfit from Boho Dresses and More

Excited? So is Annetta. She says, "we have so many deserving women in our community who would really be touched to not only feel like a princess for the day, but to feel acknowledged and appreciated for who they are and what they do everyday. It's going to be such a heartwarming, beautiful experience."

Annetta's plan is to announce her first winner in December, just in time for the new year.

If you know a woman who would be interested in getting a total makeover, make sure to follow Annetta for the latest updates on how and when to enter.

Also, I can't fail to mention that this incredible woman also does "Hero Makeup," giving cancer survivors makeovers free of charge, no matter the occasion.

Her website is:

Instagram: @makeupbyannetta

Take a look at some of her work below.

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