Secret (or hidden) menu items at restaurants and bars are fun. For those of us who know about said items, it makes us feel special. Comparatively, it is kind of like when someone needs a suggestion for a service and you drop the, "I got a guy..." line. Also, you could go with "I got a lady.", too. The only problem, at least for me, is if I have to tell the server what the ingredients are. If there are more than three ingredients involved I'm lost. On the flip side, when we learn of hidden or secret items at our favorite places we get excited. Lino's just made things exciting.

Lino's has been selling their "Graze Box" to companies as well as offering them for private gatherings for a long, long time. This crazy deal wasn't a secret, per se, but not available to everyone until now. One of Rockford's oldest and most loved restaurants is dropping a deal that is easily comparable to their one-topping/special salad/pop special.

HIDDEN ITEM ALERT: Our #GrazeBox has been an item we’ve sold to companies and private gatherings for years. We figured we’d shed some light on them. $14.95 per 8x6 Box. 24 hour notice. Includes: 4 imported meats, 4 imported cheeses, fresh fruit, olives and toasted bread.

They have not indicated if this is a little Christmas gift to us all or if it'll be a permanent offer but you can find out how to order by calling (815) 397-2077.


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