If you need a quick free tip or advice about anything you usually find it on Facebook, sometimes without even asking. This is almost always the case when it comes to fixing things, politics and law, and even medical advice. But, like a lot or free things, you get what you pay for. I bring this up because during the week of COVID-19 vaccines making way through the United States, a Rockford-area doctor dropped a great reminder after a humourous (yet very important) question was asked during a press conference.

Are you familiar with Kevin Haas? He's been working for Rockford Register Star for what seems like forever. Officially speaking, Kevin is the Metro Editor at RRStar. He's also a comedian. No, I'm not joking, he's also a stand-up comedian on the side, he's pretty funny too. He also tries to squeeze in something funny at the end of press conferences and the related.

At the end of a media briefing with someone who looks really important within SwedishAmerican UW Health, the final question came from Kevin. (He said he was just messing around but the response is so important in a world consumed by social media. Especially for those who believe everything they read.)

"Would you recommend people talk to a doctor or is Facebook comments actually better?" The light-hearted question led to a chuckle and the most important piece of advice you will find on Facebook today.

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