My family is getting a new addition in August, and to say we are impatiently awaiting his arrival home is an extreme understatement. It's a male Bernedoodle, and he is beyond adorable! Here he is...

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Now, I haven't had a puppy in my house since I was a teenager. My husband and I usually adopt dogs, but we always agreed that at some point we would get a puppy for our girls because every kid should have the puppy experience at some point in their childhood. We also agreed that a Bernedoodle or Labradoodle would be the perfect breed of puppy to join our family and it just so happens my husband knows someone who just had a litter of Bernedoodles, so here we go.

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While we are brushing up on puppy training and advice, my family is also arguing. What will we name our new bundle of joy? I like to choose pet names that have some kind of meaning. Our current dogs are named Urban and Brooks (I think you can figure out why), we've had a male lab named Rudy after my husband's love for Notre Dame, but now we cannot agree on what the new puppy's name should be.

I wanted Garth, to go with our other dog Brooks...that got shot down.

I wanted Cash or Nash because they are cool country dog names....those got shot down too.

I then threw out Duncan, because the puppy will likely be dark brown in color as an adult, after Duncan Hines brownies and Dunkin' Donuts, and that is now officially in the running.

Ultimately my family has decided that my husband will get the final choice of the puppy's name, (because I have chosen the last 2 pet names), but I am hoping you can persuade him on what choice to make.

What Should We Name Our New Puppy?

Here are the three puppy names we have narrowed it down to, which one do you vote for? Please vote so I can show my husband the results, even if they don't go in my favor. Lol! Thanks for your help!

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