There's no getting around it, or mincing words about it, either. It's hot, and it's gonna get a lot hotter before this heatwave breaks. Try some of these techniques to keep cool.

I just spent a decent amount of time searching the internet for some of the best (or so they say) and offbeat ways of getting ourselves through the current onslaught of super-heated summer weather.

If you're adventurous, curious, or even desperate, see if any of the following ideas do anything to alleviate your hot weather discomfort:

Eat Spicy Food: Ironically, eating spicy food actually helps you cool down. Spicy foods stimulate the heat receptors in your mouth, enhancing circulation and causing you to sweat, which is the human body’s method of cooling itself.

Freeze Your Sheets: There’s never a more difficult time to fall asleep than when temperatures reach ungodly heights. Put your bedding and linens in the freezer for an hour or two before you go to bed. This keeps your bed linen refreshingly cold for about an hour, enough time to fall asleep and get a good night’s rest.

Avoid Your Vices: Scientific studies have consistently shown that the human body has to work incredibly harder to metabolize alcohol, sugar and caffeine. Drinks containing these ingredients eventually warm up your body, which is counterproductive in the midst of a heat wave. There is no better way to stay hydrated and cool than drinking water.

Soak Your Clothes: Dunk or rinse your clothes in cold water and put them on. In combination with a nice breeze, the wet fabric does a great job of lowering your body’s temperature to help you keep cool.

Take An Icy Foot Bath: The fastest way to start shivering in 90-degree heat may be to dip your toes into freezing cold water. Fill a bowl with cool water, and dip your little piggies right in. Add some ice if you’re brave, but don’t overdo it. Quickly immersing your feet in ice-cold water can be painful.

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