I'm so excited to see what Rockford Sharefest will be doing this summer.

The school they're targeting to beautify will be Roosevelt Community Education Center.

In the years past I have been honored to play a part in helping this organization in their quest to not only beautify our area's schools but to bring the community together.

Their are many lessons that I've learned from Rockford Sharefest.

Helping others including our schools is a great step into bettering our communities and the lives of others. It shows our children that we do care about them and their education. It teaches them prime example of how putting aside our differences and working together can get things done when the government can't or has failed.

Why wait around waiting for someone else to do it? If you are capable of pushing a broom, handing out water, or painting with a brush.They can use your help.

That's what I like about Rockford Sharefest. All are welcome to join in and put our efforts and talents, big or small, to good work.

Would you like to help them out? Visit rockfordsharefest.org.

Let's show all those negative polls that Rockford is a good place to be!