Of all the the household chores I hate doing, ironing takes the top of list.

I hate it. It's boring and takes to long. To be honest I'm no good at it.

However, I found some lazy yet easy tips to help all who that are, myself included, ironing impaired.

I found these lazy tips through Country Outfitters, to help us get over our loathing of ironing.

Here are 5 creative ways to “iron” your clothes without really ironing at all!

1. Use a hair dryer. And you thought a hair dryer was only for your blowouts! All you have to do is hang wrinkled piece on a hanger, point and blow! The wrinkles will fall out with minimal effort. For the truly lazy girl, she can alternate between hair and clothes to multi-task!

2. Shower. This is an oldie but a goodie! While you are showering (note how we are helping the lazy girl out!) hang those clothes in the steamy bathroom! You’ll be amazed at how well this works!

3. Wet towel method. This sounds a little odd, but it works in a bind! Lay a damp towel on top of wrinkled clothes while you are getting ready. Remove the towel and the clothing is nearly wrinkle free!

4. Steamer. If you simply loathe the idea of ironing you need to purchase a steamer to do the job. Much quicker than ironing, a steamer is perfect!

5. Spray bottle. Water + a tiny amount of fabric softener spritzed on your articles of clothing is nothing short of a miracle! As the clothing dries, the wrinkles smooth themselves.

Now those are really great tips, but they forgot to mention a couple of things I do all the time because I hate to iron.

6. Use your heated flat iron/ straighter and run it over your collars cuffs or the button placket to get those pesky wrinkles out.

7. After washing you shirt or pants and notice the wrinkles toss it in the dryer and tumble it around to blast the wrinkles, remove them immediately, and hang them up. Or hang them to dry over a drying rack.