Lawmakers are hoping "third time's a charm" is a real thing when it comes to kicking the Windy City from the Land of Lincoln.

  • "Hit the road, Jack!"
  • "Sayonara, sucker!"
  • "Hasta la vista!"

Those are three pleasant ways Illinois Representatives Brad Halbrook, Chris Miller, and Darren Bailey could say goodbye to Chicagoans if HR0101 actually became reality.

Three state reps from southern Illinois have had it with "Chicago's" stances on gun ownership, abortion, immigration, and other political stuff. According to, this is not the first attempt at kicking Chicago out of Illinois.

This is not the first time in the state's 200 year history that measures have been taken to separate the State of Illinois from the City of Chicago: in 1925, Western Illinoisians declared their region as the "Republic of Forgottonia," and in 1981, State Senator Howard Caroll tried to get Cook County split off into its own state.

No doubt, should Chicago remain in Illinois, the idea is bound to appear again. If you'd like to waste time watching the progress of this HR1010, click here. And, in case you care, someone thought it would a great idea to break California into three states. That idea failed, too.

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