At IHOP you can have your coffee while eating it too! Literally.

Get your latte flavored pancakes at Rockford's IHOP starting today!

Just when you thought IHOP had every flavor imaginable for their pancakes they come up with more that sound so delicious.

For a limited time you can try the new fall flavors that combine your love of coffee and love of pumpkin spice in a stack of tasty pancakes at IHOP.

Food and Wine shared that the pancake chain is offering from now until November 12th pancakes that are for latte lovers.

The flavors include "salted caramel, mocha, vanilla, and pumpkin spice."

Can we say "YUM!"

Oh and for an added bonus some of these have caffeine in them. So you can get your coffee buzz at the same time your eating.

Hmmm, I wonder what would happen when you eat a caffeine packed pancake while drinking coffee? You know I'd be willing to find out, wouldn't you?



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