There's a vintage quality of Lady A's new single "What a Song Can Do" that has the potential to re-capture fans who've turned their attention elsewhere in recent years. It's symbiotic.

Credit Dann Huff for bring a sense of peace to an arrangement that's really quite progressive with its mix of programing and pedal steel. He hits a target that's shrinking with every passing year.

Vocalists Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley buy in, but don't trade lead vocals as much as they share them. That's an important distinction not always possible across the trio's catalog. "I Run to You" and "American Honey" are examples where both work together for a greater good. More recent radio drops from 747 and Heart Break find one or the other in control, to the point that it felt like competition.

Lyrically, "What a Song Can Do" requires a personal approach to be great. It's not all that crazy that a song can make someone dance and cry, but with the right pinch of regret or affection, those words lift off the page into the hearts of the listener. The understated team effort will make this a hit for Lady A in 2022.

Did You Know?Ryan Hurd co-wrote the lyrics to "What a Song Can Do" with Lady A's Charles Kelley, plus Laura Veltz and Sam Ellis.

Lady A's "What a Song Can Do" Lyrics:

Makes you wanna take a Sunday drive / Throws you right back to a different time / Puts your lighter up / Singing loud and out of tune / It puts a little sound in an empty space / And for a little while, lets you drift away / It's simple, but it's true / Yeah, it's crazy what a song can do.

It can make you dance and make you cry / Make you wanna give it one more try / Start a band and kiss that girl / And break some rules / It'll make you give your heart and get it back / Change your mind just like that / When it's like every single line was written just for you / Ain't it crazy what a song can do.

Makes you make a call at 4AM / Makеs you say you want him all over again / It's like you knew it all along / Ain't it crazy that a song.

Repeat Chorus

Whoa, crazy what a song can do.

Shake the ground, steal your breath / Feel that pounding in your chest / Bring you to your knees right there in that old church pew / Ooh, make you give your heart and get it back / Change your mind just like that / And most of all it's what brought me here to you / Ain't it crazy what a song (crazy what a song) Crazy what a song can do.

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