While Betty White didn't make it until her 100th birthday, there will still be celebrations all over including right here in Illinois in her hometown of Oak Park.

The world collectively took a big deep breath on New Year's Eve as the news rolled in that Betty White had passed away at 99 years old.

We thought she would make it to her 100th birthday, which is coming up January 17, but honestly I feel like most of thought she'd live forever.

I actually think Betty planned to exit with 2021.

According to her agent, she died peacefully in her sleep of natural causes early on December 31 and I feel like she passed that morning thinking of all the people who would cheers to her fondly instead of passing early in 2022 and thinking her death was a bad stamp on the year.

While she didn't make it to 100, her hometown of Oak Park will be celebrating in her honor as they title January 17, 'Betty White Day.'

According to TMZ, there will be specials throughout the town of Oak Park including:

Mickey's Restaurant will be offering a special consisting of a hotdog, fries, and diet coke -- one of Betty's favorite meals, and Turano Bakery is planning to make a giant birthday cake.

There will also be a Betty White mural contest in Oak Park, which if you want to drive over is about an hour and a half from Rockford.

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