A famous downtown Rockford watering hole is closing up for business. After 15 years, Kyrptonite owner Chris Wachowiak is exiting the bar business.

WREX-TV is reporting that, according to Wachowiak, his family played a large part of his decision. In addition he holds down another job the Stateline.

He says he's pushed himself as far as he can, but "It's time to be done."

Wachowiak plans to sell the business, if it does not sell by July, he will close Kryptonite.

In 2001, the bar started as a dance club, then evolved into an establishment known for live music.

Wachowiak told the Rockford Register Star

Kryptonite has been my Neverland," he said. "It allowed me to play the eternal kid, and it played to my whims. I could put on the shows I wanted, have the bands I wanted to see, put on the events I wanted to see. It was very much a selfish thing.

We wish Chris the best of luck.