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Illinois residents are flocking to Wisconsin bars and restaurants which might make you wonder what these business owners think. The owner of Kenosha's Brat Stop gets it. If you're unsure of what to think about people from Illinois crossing the border to visit a Wisconsin bar or restaurant you're not alone. I was in a similar thought process, and then I read this interview with the owner of Kenosha's Brat Stop.

Deb Glembocki told Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR) the number of Illinois residents stopping into her business this week was definitely noticeable. She also noted she was a bit worried about how it would make her business look.

Glembocki said she wasn’t nervous about reopening during the coronavirus outbreak. But she is nervous about the image her business is presenting to customers.

She says Brat Stop is doing every they can do be sure the establishment is clean. The staff is also doing what they can with trying to envoke social distancing. She told WPR some people simply do not care about keeping a distance from others. It's worth noting the risks involved as Illinois has eight times for COVID-19 cases that Wisconsin, according to WPR. But, that doesn't concern Deb per se.

No. Right or wrong, it’s going to happen. This virus isn’t going to disappear.

Deb couldn't be more accurate, this virus will never cease to exist. It will never go away. That doesn't mean we go crazy and start licking doorknobs but follow recommendations from health officials (and only health officials). Ironically, a lot of these recommendations are things we learned in kindergarten. Things like frequently washing your hands, covering your cough and sneeze with the bend of your arm, refrain from touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Eventually, there will be a day when we can go out in public again, maybe.

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