The only thing better than a McDonald's Coke is the choice of a thousand different flavors. Actually, what is even better is being able to get your fountain drink yourself so that you're not getting weird looks when ordering your bizarre soft drink concoction. This though could be coming to an end nationwide thanks for COVID-19. I'm so sick of COVID-19. Whatever this new normal in life will be, I don't think we're understanding the gravity of change the world is about to endure, albeit for the best as far as health and safety.

McDonald's dropped 59 pages were of changes during and for after this COVID-19 pandemic we're all enduring. Some of these changes we've already noticed, like plex glass over most of the drive-thru windows and in restaurants as a buffer between essential employees and customers as well as face masks and gloves on these workers. There are social distancing markers on the floor and (when Illinois reopens) some seats/tables will be "closed" to allow social distancing. Yahoo News also reports McDonald's is boosting its hygiene protocols, too. But, the biggest change inside is not surprising at all - the self-serve fountain drink machine. Those are currently turned off and probably will never be used again.

Why 50 new procedures? The president of McDonald's USA says they must remain open because people depend on their restaurants for food. With staying open comes a whole host of changes.

Play areas are also closed, protective panels on counters and drive-thrus are installed, contactless payments are in use, and social distancing floor decals are in place to help guide customers.

The biggest change (in my opinion) is eliminating self-serve fountain drinks. The "customer operated fountains" are shut down and will be shut down for the foreseeable future. Yahoo says its specifically because it's hard to clean and maintain that system, you can read more here.

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