Kenny Chesney has brought Christmas back to the islands. ‘Christmas in Blue Chair Bay’ is his first holiday recording in over a decade, and it captures the same sense of chill his 2003 album did.

The acoustic track was co-written by the singer, Brett James and David Lee Murphy. Beachy Christmas songs aren’t anything new, but Chesney’s song is nothing if not sincere and genuine. One senses he’s spent a number of Christmas Days resting his feet in Blue Chair Bay.

We got some mistletoe, hung from the bough of the boat / Stockings are filled with sunshine rays, it’s Christmas in Blue Chair Bay / There’s lights up in every palm, my soul, like the sea, is calm / Tonight we’re going to the boat parade, it’s Christmas in Blue Chair Bay,” he sings to open the song.

‘Christmas in Blue Chair Bay’ recalls the singer’s biggest hits from six or eight years ago — his recent releases have been less about sunshine and surf than the songs that turned him into the hottest artist in country music. In some ways, the song is a sequel to ‘All I Want for Christmas Is a Real Good Tan.’ During this song, he gets it.

Everybody raise a glass with me right now / To all of those up in the snow from all of us down South / ‘Tis the season for believing and faith and family / I wish you were here with me / We’ve cleared out a place in the sand for Dancer and Prancer to land / We saved a boat slip for Santa’s sleigh / It’s Christmas in Blue Chair Bay.”

One line of the song suggests Chesney's missing someone -- a lover, perhaps -- on this special day, but for the most part, it’s just an easy holiday groove that’s difficult to object to.

Why Fans Will Love It: Chesney's voice can calm down the crazy during a frantic Christmas season.

Key Lyrics: "Oh I think I’ll sit right here, pray for a peaceful year / Lots of love, happy holidays to you from Blue Chair Bay / Merry Christmas from Blue Chair Bay"

Did You Know?: Today's sign that you're getting old: it's been a decade since Chesney first introduced fans to his old blue chair.

Listen to Kenny Chesney, ‘Christmas in Blue Chair Bay’

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