Kane Brown's video shoot for his recent collaboration with Nelly on "Cool Again" didn't come off without a hitch. In an interview, Brown reveals that his makeup artist on the shoot had to be hospitalized after a bizarre accident.

The video for "Cool Again" features Brown and Nelly performing the song on a sunny beach, and "our makeup [artist] actually ended up going to the ER — a coconut fell and hit her on top of the head," he tells Elaina Smith during an interview on Nights With Elaina (quote via PopCulture.com).

"My wife was talking about [that scenario] right before it happened, and we were in the trailer, and they came and told us, we were like 'Whoa!' But yeah, I think [she’s OK now]."

That wasn't the only challenging part of the shoot. Brown says it was a "tough" day even before the accident happened because of scorching temperatures and the special precautions they had to take due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The video shoot took place on a private beach in Miami, and Brown reveals that the production team built the hut that appears in the clip the day before the shoot.

"It was 95 degrees out there on the beach in Miami [with] the humidity, we had to keep our masks on unless we were shooting, so our masks were pretty nasty after that," he relates.

Brown teamed with Josh Hoge, Matthew McGinn and Lindsay Rimes to co-write "Cool Again." The track originally appeared on Brown's most recent EP, Mixtape Vol. 1. He released is as a radio single in April before dropping the remix with Nelly in August.

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