Chicago laid out its plans for bars and restaurants for the winter and it's going to close business, primarily bars and restaurants.

The guidelines established some basic rules for the heaters and tent of dome dining. Tents and other temporary structures for multiple parties are allowed as long as they have 50% of the sides open to allow airflow. For individual parties, the structure must have adequate ventilation.

You can read ABC7's story here but in short, a lot of bars and restaurants will be closing for good.

When this happens (assume it will) how long until Rockford implements these same rules? It's going to kill the locally owned and operated businesses will be dropping like flies. Nobody is going to be sitting out in cold tents and enjoying dinner. Drinking? Maybe, but actually dining, that's a stretch. A little birdie may have told me Rockford could be following suit of Chicago's plan in the not-so-distant future.

Wear your masks and follow the recommendations from the CDC even if it sucks and is "inconvenient."

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