If you do not know who Leatherface is you are going to be so confused. He's a character from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the guy with the chainsaw.

Chainsaw's sold at Lowe's in Rockford and Machesney Park have been recalled. A quarter a million could have a major malfunction which could do some serious and life-threatening damage. According to WIFR, there is a chance there could be a problem turning off the chainsaw. That's a huge problem unless your Leatherface, whose go-to weapon of choice just happens to be a chainsaw.

In all seriousness, your $200 chainsaw could become problematic in the very near future if it hasn't already.

More than 256,000 saws sold at Lowe’s over the last six years are being recalled by Kobalt because they may continue running after the user either turns the saw off or releases the trigger, the retailer said.

How frustrating and/or scary would that be? You're done sawing up wood and you carefully set down the chainsaw, flip the off-switch, and the thing keeps running? (Insert chainsaw sound effect here.) I would immediately assume I had done something wrong.

Thankfully (and surprisingly) there have been no related injuries, according to the report.

If you bought one of the seven types of these recalled Kobalt's over the last seven years, you might want to check this list to see if your product has been recalled.


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