Jon Pardi's new radio single "Your Heart or Mine" is a throwback to his own catalog. If you're getting major California Sunrise-era vibes, you're not alone.

The mid-tempo luster stands out on an album (Mr. Saturday Night) that's slightly more progressive than anything the "Last Night Lonely" singer has released previously. Pardi has not traded a steel guitar for drum loops, but his brand of traditionalism is presented with more vibrant tones and melodic instrument fills. "Your Heart or Mine" rides along a marching arrangement that emphasizes the downbeat. His forceful vocal delivery and sharp fiddle fills define this pseudo-rocker.

Bart Butler, Justin Ebach and John Pierce wrote the might-be-falling-in-love lyrics that describe a couple that keeps hooking up after boozy nights before the singer wonders if it's more than just the whiskey talking. A cowboy's chivalry fits Pardi, and it always has. With "Your Heart or Mine" he's returning to a style that's brought him tremendous success throughout his decade-long career.

Did You Know?: In addition to his four No. 1 hits in the United States, Jon Pardi has five in Canada.

Listen to Jon Pardi, "Your Heart or Mine":

Jon Pardi's "Your Heart or Mine" Lyrics:

All it takes is a downtown bar / All it takes is some neon stars / A little you, a little me / In the same vicinity and it’s on / Every one is the first last time / Walk away, then we hit rewind / A little touch, a little buzz / Don’t know what keeps keepin’ it up.

Is it your heart or mine / Is it whiskey or wine / Is it somethin’ in the night / Makin’ us wanna cross that line / Girl, we're playin’ with fire / Love ain’t too far behind / It’s just a matter of time ‘til it finds / Your heart or mine.

We say that it ain’t no thing / We say it then the telephone rings / A hello, are you at home / Cause I’m all alone missin’ you / We swear it ain’t love, love, love, / But you’re there when the sun comes up / We swear it ain’t love, love, love / But it always comes back to us.

Repeat Chorus

We swear it ain’t love, love, love / We swear it ain’t love, love, love.

Repeat Chorus

Your heart or mine.

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