Deere & Company in Moline, Illinois made the announcement this afternoon. They will be laying off about 220 workers from its Seeding and Cylinder operation in its hometown as agricultural machinery sales slump. Here's when the layoffs will take effect. 

The green and yellow machine is as Americana as it gets. Today, all of America took note of John Deere once again.

Scott Olson, Getty Images


According to WGN News, "The Moline, Illinois, company said Monday that the layoffs, effective Feb. 15, are unlike past seasonal layoffs. The new job cuts have no specific call-back date for workers".

Deere employs about 60,000 people globally, about 29,000 in the United States and Canada.

WGN News also reports, "sales of Deere’s agriculture equipment, which include tractors, fell 25 percent it its most recent quarter. Falling oil prices also have affected the company’s construction equipment sales".

Never good news to hear of layoffs, no matter what time of the year.