The Janesville Police Department is feeling a little glum today as they mourn the loss of one of their own. Their first K9 dog passed away.

How sad. Losing a pet is hard, I can only imagine how hard losing a partner like 11 year Hardy is. Not only for the Janesville Police force, but also for his handler, Officer Shaun Mahaffey.

According to WREX, Hardy and Office Mahaffey reported to work Tuesday when Officer Mahaffey noticed Hardy was acting extremely lethargic. He rushed his partner to an "emergency veterinary center, where they found [Hardy's] spleen had ruptured as a result of an aggressive form of cancer. The decision was made to euthanize Hardy at that moment."

How awful. I'm so glad it didn't appear that Hardy was in pain, but putting a pet down is one of the  hardest things to do. You love them, you don't want them to leave, but you know it's the  best for them.

Hardy was Janesville's first K9 dog to join the force in October 2007 and he worked all 11 of his years with Officer Shaun Mahaffey on the third shift.

The police department has stated a memorial for Hardy will be held at a later date.

My sincere condolences goes out to Officer Mahaffey and the entire Janesville Police Department.

RIP Hardy.